33159322376_71cedb083c_oCreated by Juan Michael Porter II to expand the ongoing discussion around dance and theatre. Movement Report publishes revealing criticism that goes beyond mere narration and academic prose. We focus on engaging, entertaining, and educating readers while furthering the understanding of art’s evolution.

Juan Michael Porter II is a dancer, writer, and producer whose work has taken him all over the world. In addition to contributing arts coverage to Time Out Theatre, Ballet Review, The Huffington Post, The Dance Enthusiast, TDF Stages, and Broadway World, he is also the founding artistic director of The Moving Beauty Series. He is the former producer of Nadine Bommer Dance, production partner of Williamsburg Movement & Arts Center, director of dance at Webster Hall, and regional coordinator of The New York City Road Runners. Though formally retired from performing, he continues to teach children throughout New York.

photography credit: Mickey Hoelscher; NYCreative Photography